Feb 24, 2008

RTM1 and RTM2 Online Streaming

I found a website that can watch RTM1 and RTM2 through internet streaming. Just simple click the link here: Online TV Malaysia Radio Streaming

Or paste the URL link in the Windows Media Player (Ctrl+U)
RTM1: http://www.um.com.my/tv_channels/malaysia/rtm1.asx
RTM2: http://www.um.com.my/tv_channels/malaysia/rtm2.asx

Remark: Sometimes the URL is not working because the server of the host is close.

I found this website because I want to watch badminton match through internet in my University's room. Fortunately, I found RTM1 had live broadcasting. Other than that, I also can watch Hong Kong drama series on RTM2. University's life is boring if without a TV.