Jul 15, 2009

Days without Laptop

Haiz... My laptop's wireless card can't detected, already sent to HP service centre to repair last Monday. Still haven't got any reply from HP. These 2 days I called HP to ask the status of my laptop, they told me will help me check and then call me back. But never receive their call. = = Don't know when can get it back...

Luckily my room-mate brought back his laptop which got a bit problems (sometimes can't boot and BSOD). If not, I will sienz till die without my laptop. Recently, my friends all addicted with the Facebook's applications such as Crazy Taxi, Pixel Rangers, Hexic and others. Play the game hard. Compete each others to surpass the score.

And also download many songs to listen. Quite boring in the room. Still no mood to study yet because semester just start, haven't got any assignments. Play play first. :p Boring in the class and feel sleepy when lecturer teaching.

Arrrhhhh.... Waiting my laptop!!!

Jul 10, 2009

FYP - Speech Recognition over Electronic/Electrical Appliances

After select my final year project's title, I have do some research on it. Lecturer also borrow me some notes as references. I think it's not enough. Luckily no need to do the hardware part, just focus on the speech recognition. Anyway, I have to learn how the appliances connect with the computer also.

My project is like the video below. I have to do a GUI to link with the appliances using Visual Basic. But I'm not familiar with the VB. Something related with programming languages. Headache.

I hope somebody can help or guide me to do this project.

Jul 3, 2009

Return to University Life

I'm back to Malacca few days ago. I met with my course-mates who are long time no see. Prepare to continue my university life here. I had leave my study mood about 7 months. Not really want to study again, need to face the books,notes = =. I will finish my degree in 1 year time.

Ya. I got A for my internship. Thanks to SNS Network and UTeM.

Today morning went to UTeM to view FYP's (final year project) titles. Not much titles left to pick. Finally, I had choose "Speech Recognition Over Electronics/Electrical Appliances" as my FYP. This project is done by the previous student who are not complete it yet. The speech recognition part still haven't completed successfully. Hopefully that I manage to complete it.