Jul 28, 2010

1 Month Past

Finally, 1 month of working life past with relax mode and my salary had been paid!!! How am I gonna to spend them??? Firstly, I'll give some to my mom for family expenses. I'll also treat my family to eat in a restaurant. Then, take a portion to spend when my convocation which is on next week. I intend to buy a new handphone but still in consideration. Somehow, the money left will be save in the bank.

First month of familiarization stage training will be ends soon. Next, I'll be distributed to a department to work on a given project. I wish to join into test development department because there is familiar to what I'm learn in my University. The job scope needs some programming knowledge and electronics background. Hope I can gain some experience from there. Hope this is a correct choice!

Jul 13, 2010

After 1 Week Work

I just joined the Graduate Engineer Program one week plus. Along this few days, I had visit some production line, test line to learn the process flow about the making of IC packaging. Now, I know more about the front of line and the test line in IC packaging.

The training program is quite boring and it takes 6 months(too long). Everyday, after listen to the presentation given by trainer, just keep went for the line tour in morning and afternoon. In line tour, same things are repeated, feels tired. But, it is good to learn each process in details. The program admin just keep telling us we are the only engineers who learn all the processes in the company. LOL :p

Facebook mobile is the only entertainment for me in the company since no internet allowed. Luckily it is free access by DIGI. Beside that, pendrive is also not allowed in the company to prevent virus attack. = ="