Dec 11, 2012

Windows 8 on HP Pavilion tx2032

My 4 years old laptop HP Pavilion tx2032 still can support to upgrade the OS to Windows 8 which launched recently.

Below are some screenshots while installing Windows 8.

Oct 10, 2012

'Check In' is no longer available in Nokia Maps 3.09

After upgrade the Nokia Maps to version 3.09 along with the update of Nokia Belle Refresh on my N8, 'Check In' feature is no longer available to use. It is just only available in China.

I don't why Nokia want to disable it to be use in other countries. I just seldom use it because I'm using Foursquare often to check in.

Source: Nokia FAQ
Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 and Maps 3.09 install the Check in application only in China. In the other regions Check in is not installed as part of the Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 bundle. 
If updating from Maps 3.08 to Maps 3.09, the Check in application that came with Maps 3.08 is preserved. Check in can be used normally after the update. However, if updating from Maps 3.06 to Maps 3.09, the Check in feature is not any more available after the update. Also when the phone is initially shipping with Maps 3.09, there is no Check in application.
Note that if resetting the device with the Delete data and restore command, the Check in application will be removed and cannot be restored by installing Maps Suite 2.0 and Maps 3.09.

Aug 27, 2012

Nokia Belle Refresh for Nokia N8-00

What’s new?
Latest software release for Nokia N8-00 is Nokia Belle Refresh (111.040.1511)

  • Bring web services to your home screen, and use them also offline with the new HTML5 browser
  • Personalise your phone further with new widgets for various apps and services
  • Get corrections, such as better support for Flash videos (.flv) and a time zone correction in Russia
  • Link your contacts automatically to Facebook and Twitter for easier social networking
  • A new version of Nokia Maps (version 3.09), with new features, such as photos on the map, info on interesting places nearby, multi-point routes, and public transport info
  • Be more productive with Microsoft Apps
  • Enjoy the refreshed Music player
  • Number of general performance and usability improvements
  • After updating to Nokia Belle Refresh, just like after updating from Nokia Anna to Nokia Belle, some apps may not work due to compatibility issues. For more info on available apps, please contact your local Nokia support.

** The availability of this update may depend on your network service provider. To check for updates, on your phone, open the software update app.

Malaysia's N8 users will be get update soon for product code below?
0599321, 059K9T2, 0599245, 0599298, 0599336, 059G144, 0599264

Aug 11, 2012

Sungai Lembing Trip 林明之旅

My friends and I planned to have a 2 days 1 night trip at Sungai Lembing. We departed at midnight and reached at Sg. Lembing around 4.30am morning.

When we were at Bentong, we stopped for a while to have this mee (塑塑粉) as supper.
Arrived destination

Jun 18, 2012

[Nokia Belle] Positioning of Google Maps is better than Nokia Maps when Indoor

In my experience, after my N8 updated to Nokia Belle, the Nokia Maps positioning is getting worse. It is not accurate and slow to find my position when I'm indoor. I had search a way that found in internet, change the server setting to, but seems not working.

While I'm inside a shopping mall, the Nokia Maps's position is far away from my actual position. In the same time, I opened Google Maps, it show accurate position in a seconds. 
My Position in Nokia Maps
My Position in Google Maps
Nokia Maps's position is not accurate