May 2, 2014

Fraud using IPK Pulau Pinang contact number 04-2221522

Beware when this number 042221522 is calling you. The guy mention that he is an inspector from IPK Pulau Pinang. He will ask you to check this number whether it is valid, yes, this is a valid number but not from the exact IPK PP. By the way, he knew what was your name and your IC number.

The 'inspector' said that you were involved in a financial criminal, sold your bank account to others and you had received 'commission'. The 'inspector' will ask how many bank account you had and will transfer your call to another guy to help you to remove your name in the suspect list.

How to help you? He will request you to transfer your money to his superior's account and they will check where is your money come from. After 2 hours, they will 'return' your money if found nothing is suspicious. Also, they claimed that would keep your money in the "national bank safety account"/"akaun keselamatan bank negara" after you had transferred your money.



Sheila Wahid said...

I received call from this number today.

lucky is my name said...

me too

fresnile said...

I received a call from thus number this morning. The line was unclear and he knew my IC # and asked that I verify it which I did. Fortunately for me, the line disconnected and he didn't call bck. Now I know better. The police should investigate.