Feb 28, 2009

Internship - Learn from Internship

3 months are past of my internship at SNS Network. 6 weeks left to finish my internship training. Long time din update my blog already due to busyness and laziness. During this period, I have learned a lot of things about the computers, the softwares, the problems and other things.

In the first month, I learn how is the job flow of the RMA department. Everyday face the computer's parts, packing, file-ing, receive calls from customers/vendors. But these are quite boring for me. This is end when new trainees come to take over my position. In the 2nd week of the internship, I am involved in the PC Fair. I saw how the staffs busy with it.

Later, I had moved to technical department. This is quite challenging for me, it is also interesting because I have more interest on the computers. I have learned from my senior to repair the CPU and laptops. I found that there is many different problems occur on the computers. Many time I have to face with the customers. Some customers are quite troublesome. Although format a computer is very easy, there has some other problems occur too. It is hard to tell what I'm actually do in the office.

During the internship, I had went to many places in Perak with other technicians like Taiping, P.Pangkor... Mostly I went to do maintenance in the government office, setup PC, on-site servicing... Now, I stay in the office all the time to do the cases assigned to me. I can handle few cases in one time now. To be a professional technician still far for me because there are still many things to learn. To pretend a professional technician, I have to wear
long sleeve shirt, tie, slack, leather shoe everyday. :p

When I troubleshoot the problems of the computers, Google Search always the best choice for me...
Haha... :p and of course ask my senior colleagues...

Feb 5, 2009

My Blog 1st Anniversary

Time past very fast. My blog already 1 years old. I remember the purpose to create this blog is to earn some money from the blog by clicking the Google Adsense's advertisements. But my account already banned. :p Now, I write the blog to share something that I know, I done, I like... Hopefully that I can write more and continue for this blog. Thanks for all visitors that visited my blog.
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