Feb 16, 2008

National Service Anniversary

16 Feb in year 2004 - The date I never forgot for a long time because this day was the first ever batch of Malaysia National Service's enrollment day.

I remember that day was a sunny day. My family and I went to the Perak's stadium earlier to register and take the bus number which I aboard. I saw some friends who also been chosen to take part in the national service, but different training location. I had been chosen to training at Kem Sintok, UUM, Kedah.

I with a heavy heart to say goodbye to my family because I left my home for a long period about 3 months. This was my first time left my lovely home so long.

In this 3 months, I can tell you it is the time that very relaxing. Why? Because you no need to study, work and others. There was 5 meals prepared daily. During this period, we also can get RM300 for allowance.

Got one incident very impressing me that was a group of malays arguing just because the underwear was stolen. One more, the instructor show us porn movie accidentally during the assembly! After that, the head broke the hard disk in front of us.

I had done one thing bravely during this period was I go out from camp with my friends furtively. I remember that day we were boring in the morning. So, we decided to go out and we successfully take a bus to go Alor Star, far away from the UUM campus, about 1 hours. We can eat 'Ca Xiu Bao' finally!!! :p We also went a lot of shopping center like Pacific, Star Parade... After 1 day walking, we get back to the campus. When reached the main gate of campus, the bus suddenly stopped and we were called to get down. I thought the conductor betrayed us. We were asked to give our IC number and written a statement of repentance. I thought we could get punishment at that moment. Luckily, no action were taken on us after this.
The bravery gang


yast77 said...

Ni jiu hao la, got this sweet memory, i too old liao, cannot get into NS :p And thanks your spirit support that you live comment in tcteh86.blogspot.com la, have a nice day :)

HanMing said...

Im also part of bravery gang, I still remember soooo many nice memory....frens forever.....

Dezmond said...

LoL! short hair! so fat! lol!