Feb 14, 2008

Valentine's Day - Meaningless to Me

First of all, HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY(情人节快乐) to all my friends who already found their beloved one!!!

Valentine's Day??? I really don't know how important is this day to all the couple. I also don't know what feeling is this. Can you sharing your experience with me? May be I could know some day. :p

For those who don't have the partner of your life yet, how you pass this meaningless day? Watching the couples beside the street? Or watching TV alone in the house? Or meeting the friends who also tagged as single status?

Valentine's Day??? Haih... What's a meaningless day...

1 comment:

dezmond said...

what a meaningless day? I dun think so woh, it's the time I think we are blessed with the freedom of living without commitment and attachments to anything in our lives..

I dun think it's meaningless leh.. nvm la, tonight we'll share the same room k roomie? :P