Feb 4, 2008

Favourite Download Sites

My friends always ask me "which website you download video, movie, songs, ...?". Below is my favourite download sites:

For common download:
For song's album:
For single song:
For taiwan's entertainment show/drama series:
For TVB drama series:
For American drama series(with chinese subtitle):
For movie:
For animation:
For cracked software:

I download the files using BitComet. I choose some chinese websites because it can download faster(more peers connected, China is the most population country). I download 40-70kb/s(using streamyx RM66), 130-160kb/s(using streamyx RM88).

If you know which websites are better, please kindly post a comment to let me know, ok??? Thanks!!!


Neo said...

No wonder Streamyx so slow lar, you are using all the bandwidth! :)

Og@wa said...

I use streamyx at home wun slow ah... Mayb different location different situation...