Feb 3, 2008

University Forum - Pleasure in University's Life

Recently, my friends and I decided to create a website that talk all about mens to make some profits. Unfortunately, we found that this kind of website is already appeared. So, we have to give up.

Then, we decided to do a easier one, from the basic, we create a forum. The main objective of the forum is to share our most happening event or occasion in all University of Malaysia. We named the website as PiUL, Pleasure in University's Life. However, the forum is just started, the members are almost our university's students. We try to promote this forum to all under-graduate university's students. First of all, I will promote this forum to my friends. Hopefully, we can promote to the others.

During the process to build a forum, I found that to create a forum is very easy, but to maintain a forum is very difficult. Some forums are very successful like Chinese Cari but some are not. We have to learn how to achieve this level. Besides that, I also found that I am more interest to do this things than studying. I know studying is more important by now. :)

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egg86 said...

Please support PiUL!!
A great platform for all Malaysian undergraduates to voice out loud!
Unite Malaysian!