Feb 9, 2008

Happy CNY 2008 (rat years)

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!!! Wish everybody has a best start in the beginning of the brand new rat years'. I greet you all 身体健康, 龙马精神, 万事如意, 心想事成, 财源广进, 学业进步, 鼠年行大运!!! One of the minister of M'sia saying that we should not greeting people 'Gong Xi Fa Cai(恭喜发财)' during CNY because he say we don't know whether the people already 'Fa Cai' or not. Why we have to 'Gong Xi' them? So, we should greeting people 'Xin Nian Jin Bu(新年进步)'. Do you agree with him???

The day before the new year, my mom cooks many delicious foods like chicken, meat, soup and the others. Some foods I don't know what it call in English. You asking me what taste are them(什么味道?), I only can tell you they are nice(好味道). :P
Reunion Dinner

On that night, I call some of my friends yum ca. I found that there are so many people in Ipoh causing the traffic is jam especially Ipoh Medan. Many pubs and discos are full-filled with leng zai and leng lui. When the time reach 12am, fireworks are played around my head. Really got the CNY feel.

On the first day of CNY, my family and I start to visit relatives' house as done in every years. The journey of collecting 'ang pau' is begin. HAHA. On that night, my friends and I go to cinema to watch the Stephen Chow's new movie, CJ7. Overall, the movie is a bit disappointing me but the alien dog is really damn cute.

On the next day, I have to go to my grandpa's house in Kuala Kangsar with my family. A bit boring at there because I watching the TV shows all the days until late night.

This CNY holidays can also be the study week of the mid semester because there have many tests waiting for me. Although many tests, I just spend few hours overall to study in that week. Anyway, I will try my best in the remaining days.

Lastly, all the best to my lovely friends!!! Good Luck!!! 新年快乐!!!

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