Mar 4, 2008

Live Sports (Football) Online Streaming

Let's me introduce you all an alternative way(without TV) to watch live sports such as football, basketball, badminton, F1 and others through internet streaming. We can watch the football match in English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and the others. We also can watch basketball match like NBA. There is a website that provide us a schedules for all kind of sports -

I like to watch sports match like EPL, UEFA Champions League, badminton, F1. In addition, I am study in the University now, without a TV, life is boring!!! If we can't go out to watch, this is very suitable for us.

Just follow few simple steps, you can watch them live!!!
Firstly, we have to install this software Sopcast (recommend).

Click the 'Live Sports' tab, then click the 'TV' icon beside the channel that you want to watch.
Choose a station and Sopcast software. Select the bitrate (higher bitrate means better picture quality) that match your internet speed. Click the 'Play' link.Sopcast start to login.

Wait the channel buffering.

We can watch the live match after few seconds.

There is another website but I don't try this before - Live TV


lifeplayer said...

This is one of the great website for the soccer fan. Thanks for sharing

ojibala said...

not laggy meh?

Og@wa said...

nope... very smooth...
I use 512K oso can watch...

ojibala said...

512k in my town feels like 52k.... maybe it's my com prob also. lousy com

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