Mar 2, 2008

UTeM 1st Jogathon

UTeM held the first ever Jogathon today. The distance of the Jogathon is 10km, from Industry Campus to Main Campus.

I woke up in the morning about 4am because can't slept well. My friends and I reached the Industry Campus at 7am. Then we registered at the counter and took the clothes with the number. There provided some cakes and mineral water to us. After we warm up, the Jogathon was began at 8am. 5 minutes after the girls category ran, the boys category started.

Got an Indian little boy runs faster than me. How come? A while later, the UTeM's professor, Mr. Tan past me. How come? People aged 7++ and 50++ also can run faster than me! On the way, I can't even saw my friends until nearly reached the destination. About 1 hours more, finally reached the UTeM's sports complex. I get no. 22!!! (in girls category). :p


HanMing said... are amazing.(among girls)

@FaD said...

hi.. u are the winner to..:)
its not an easy job to finish 10km u know but u done it!!
actually im afad from final year student of fkekk..
thanks for visiting my blog..
by the way if u like running can come at stadium joining me..

飞鸿踏雪泥 said...

girl categories a???
but you are a boy le......