Aug 17, 2010

Under Stress

Recently, I just entered Test Development Center and given a project. The project was handle by me alone but guided by my colleagues. The project was already delayed almost 1 month before passed to me. Manager passed it to me and want me finish it as soon as possible. The tasks which need 2 weeks actually, I just done all in 4 days. So rush. I prefer the proper way to learn, not learning under the stress. 

The manager just want to know about the result. He always want to see his men concentrate to their work. Work and work. He always come to my place and ask what I'm doing. I very scare to see him approaching me. Haha. He also ask me: "Do you think customer will happy?". The only answer is No! haiz... And don't know is my English poor or what, I'm getting difficulty to listen what my manager speaking. He is a Singh, may be his thick beard block his voice. LoL...

I think he forget that I'm just a newbie. The job really need much electronics knowledge and also C++ programming. He thought I'm expert in programming but I just a beginner. Many books have to refer back to catch up to complete my project.

I hope that all the tasks can be done according to the milestone plan. Try my best!

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