Aug 23, 2010

Meeting with Top Management

Today had a meeting with the top management guys like vice president and GMs to introduce ourselves. We were told about our background and the project which taken currently. Then they share with us on their opinions toward our job fields.

What I noticed was their English were very good. Can't compare with my level. haha. To be a top management in the future, I need to improve my English as well. 

One of the GM share about her opinion in her career, I think it was quite true. The University and working environment were totally different. What we learned in school mostly can't apply into the job, but the methodology is the same. Mind-set is very important. We need to set higher goal to strike. If we know that the goal can be achieve, then we'll have no passion or motivation to work on it. If the goal is higher, we'll try our best to get closer toward it. When we solve a problem or complete a project, the satisfaction is what we like. It really can make us to move forward.

Another GM also share his opinion. He said we have to be a sponge and try whatever ways to absorb as mush as possible. He also said that in University, we just have to get over 80% for an A, but we might get 99.9% to get A in industry. That's the difference. I hope my project can be finish well, don't disappoint my manager and my mentor.

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Chyi said...

Good .. Your project look interesting. Keep goes up ...

Anyway, work hard to achieve your goal.

i working on it everyday haha