May 31, 2009

Night at the Museum 2

Night at The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian is a very funny movie. I think it is better than the previous one. There are more characters in this movie. All characters inside are very funny, especially the great king of the great king - Kahmunrah. The Einstein dolls are very cute. Angels who are rapper. Napoleon who hate others say him short. General George Armstrong Custer who has funny look. Al Capone who has black and white appearance. Octavius sit on a squirrel to fight. Picture that can enter inside.

Before watching this movie, I already ask my sister help me to buy tickets because she work at cinema. We have better seats to watch the movie. I never check the movie ticket's date. Thus, we all enter the cinema. After that, I found that our seats are less than we bought. I see on the seat number, that is correct. I ask the guy who sit beside me to check the ticket, same number of seat. I just don't know why. Later I found out that the date of the ticket is yesterday! OMG! What a mistake! Paiseh... What to do? Finally, we decide sit on the 1st row. Luckily no people sit on 1st row. After that, my neck is so tired. :p This is my 2nd time I have sit on the 1st row to watch movie = =

Anyway, that is a good experience. haha :p And we learn a lesson when buying ticket: check ticket before you leave...

第一集在纽约自然历史博物馆拍摄,赖瑞原本干着薪水很低的夜间警卫工作,谁知道这后面是这样一个奇妙世界,赖瑞随即以自己名字为品牌的手电筒,大发 利市。看起来应该是像中了乐透那样,再也什么都不缺,可是他总觉得心底身处有什么失落了,有个黑暗的阴影不断要拉他回到美国自然历史博物馆,也就是他人生 一夕间改变的地方。但现在发生了大事,在那里他最喜欢的展览品,也就是他的好友,被认为已经不符合潮流所需,打包准备送进史密森尼博物馆的仓库。

  它们的命运现在是未知数,赖瑞接到一通缩小模型牛仔杰迪戴亚(欧文威尔森饰演)紧急求援的电话,通知他这场将席卷而来的灾难。情况似乎是有新来的人,威胁到他们的生存,包括法老王Kahmunrah (汉克阿赞Hank Azaria饰演),他已经郁闷了三千年之久。现在他和三个历史上最知名的人物「恐怖的伊凡Ivan the Terrible(克里斯多盖斯Christopher Guest饰演)、拿破仑(艾伦恰贝Alain Chabat饰演)与黑道头子艾尔卡彭(乔波森Jon Bernthal饰演),正筹划以启动地下世界的军团来接管整个博物馆、接下来是全世界。

  赖瑞随即动身赶往华盛顿,他这次有了几个新朋友,有聪明的爱因斯坦、诚恳的林肯到总是让他着迷的展览爱蜜莉亚埃尔哈特Amelia Earhart(艾咪亚当斯Amy Adams饰演),他们激发了赖瑞对于冒险的好奇与热情。加上旧搭档的归队,包括罗斯福Teddy Roosevelt(罗宾威廉斯Robin Williams饰演)、乌大维Octavius(史蒂芬柯根Steve Coogan饰演)、萨卡加维亚Sacajawea(肖肖尼印第安人妇女,米苏贝克(Mizuo Peck饰演)、匈奴王Attila The Hun(派区克加拉Patrick Gallagher饰演)和尼安德塔人Neanderthals….。赖瑞必须在破晓之前,将他的好友全数救出,并且让华盛顿National Mall整个博物馆区域,包括林肯纪念厅到太空博物馆,回到宁静的秩序。

Don't miss it!!!

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nice and funny movie! =D

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ha ha ha ha..y so pai seh geh~finally i know y ur fren pose so at facebook liao~