May 29, 2009

Menopause? Nonsense!

Recently one of my cutest friends detects these symptoms at me:

Symptom1. Getting tired easily especially mentally

  • ya, I admit I always feel tired

Symptom2. Fa hao (in malay is naik miang)

  • ehmm, kinda ….

Symptom3. Memory lost

  • ya, I did forget a lot what I told other

Symptom4. Sei yiu min( in malay is pentingkan air muka)

  • maybe…

Symptom5. Fa lan zha( in malay is mengamuk)

  • ya,I realize sometimes I like to throw temper to those innocent friend.

Symptom6. Childish

  • Evyday say 'cui meh?!'

Symptom7. Ci ci oi oi( in malay is nyanyuk)

  • Got a bit la, hehe.

Symptom8. Cheong hei ( in malay is berleter)

  • quite la, I like to tell people bath earlier.haha.

According to my friend, these are symptoms of menopause!!!!! (OMG!)


**That's absolutely not me...


chinwei=) said...

wah... oni 23 already menopause ar.. haha...

Anonymous said...

1.Getting tired..ya,i realize tat also
2.Fa hao..huh~can imagine ur face fa hao..OMG
3.memory lost..sure u got too much things tat u think more important 2 remember
4.sei yiu min..almost 99.9% guys is like tis geh
5.fa lan zha..mayb i not so know u, i never saw u fa lan zha b4
6.childish..ermm, u should know it, is normal 4 u,but some time u also think mature la ci oi oi..every morning n d end of d working day
8.cheong hei..same answer as num.2 n 5

d most funny is ur answer, 'tat is absolutely not me". Ha ha, come on,just accept d true la..

Og@wa said...

This post not written by me... except '**That's absolutely not me...'

Anonymous said...

Ha ha..but y got some point similar u geh~lol