May 14, 2011

ONE FM apps on OVI Store

Now there is another way to listen ONE FM online.
Here is the ONE FM apps on Nokia OVI store:
There are others FM apps in Malaysia provided by MPR Networks too.
Hot FM:
Fly FM:

If you cannot install it successfully, please download this first and install them on your phone:

I had tried it on my N8 (Symbian^3), but it is initially lagged. It need pause to wait for buffering, then it will quite smooth to listen. It is good for listen online. The apps can used to surf Facebook too.

*Update: The apps no longer available. Buy you can try this link:


Kian Fai said...

so it is listen via online is it? No need to tune because it is a apps? =P

Og@wa said...

yes... just need internet