Apr 14, 2009

Who is 苦荣?

Few weeks ago, my colleague play a song that very weird and not nice to listen. I ask him who is the singer, he tell me his name call
苦荣. And he is very famous 1 in Hong Kong. Eason and Twins also got sing with him.

Recently, I suddenly thought about him. So I go to youtube to find out the song and also find out who is
苦荣. When I saw the MV of that song, I only know 苦荣 is a cartoon... The 孤儿仔 is better than 鱼旦歌.




vickizack said...

it seem the song was 4 yr ago alr.. when i still form 6 ler.. anywhere it is great song.. especially the fishball, meaningful..

Og@wa said...

Haha... I outdated jor