Apr 25, 2009

Jusco Ipoh Start to Collect Parking Fee Soon

Don't know what is the reason
make Jusco in M'sia start to collect parking fee. Economy not good? Not enough earnings?
In my opinion, the parking fee is still reasonable. 1st 1 hour free parking (non Jcard member). RM1 per entry. But confuse here. Is it after 1 hour just collect RM1? That is cheaper than Ipoh Parade (RM1.50 per entry).
And it is state that working hour from 10am-10.30pm. Is it after 10.30pm free parking? Haha.
More important is after collect parking fee, there are still not enough parking lots. Hard to find parking during peak time. = =


Akira 思胜 said...


Tekkaus said...

Wow! Why? Economy meleset? Their sales not good so have to take money from Customers? Bad call jusco

天狼星 Ivanov said...

i like to go there bcz of NO FEES parking.

now.... need to think liao..

Anonymous said...

tesco hyper
50% control by office Staff serounding area
5% control by tenant staff
shopper???45% only
why???FREE parking maaa...
Jusco ipoh
60% control by tenant staff(jusco/shop worker)
5% control by office staff
shopper???35% only
why???Free parking maaaa
now kena rm1 also cheap maaaa...
ipoh parade
basement 1,95% control by worker
now..every morning direct them to rooftop..haha..padan muka
what u think all worker come to work naik basikal???

cp sup ipoh

Anonymous said...

You can get free parking by. Before going out, walk to the entrance to get a new ticket and dispose the old one.

Mýr Fantasy said...

Your statement "And it is state that working hour from 10am-10.30pm. Is it after 10.30pm free parking? Haha."

Answers: Parking fee don't follow Jusco operation hours as it is not managed by Jusco but shopping complex management. Therefore, you still have to pay RM1 per entry.