Jul 30, 2008

A'Famosa Water World + Animal World

Last weekend, my friends and I went to A'Famosa Water World and Animal World which located at Alor Gajah in the morning. The ticket fee was RM75 including a lunch.In the Animal World, there had elephant show, bird show, multi animal show and wild-wild west show. I liked the wild-wild west show most because the cowboy's action were quite excited. The gun shot was loudly and frightening me. Besides that, there had a lot of animals but they can be found in zoo normally. Oh ya, there was a chicken farm. Many different kind of chickens can be watch.
After having the lunch, we were going to Water World which next to Animal World. The wave pool was smaller compare to Sunway Lagoon, but we still having fun there. The high speed slide and the inner tube slide were excited. We even went to the kid pool to play the slide. :pI left something there. It is quite important. You guess is what?

Jul 27, 2008

My Pending Projects

This semester I will doing some projects. The first one is Line Following Robot and the second one is Electromagnetic Floater. I hope that we can finish both before the deadline and they can be work. 天下无难事,只怕有心人

Line Following Robot:

Electromagnetic Floater:

Jul 17, 2008

Difficult to Sign In MSN

Recently, I just applied the Streamyx 1.0Mbps. I found that I'm very difficult to sign in MSN. Some of my friends are also experience this problem. Thus, I have find the alternative ways to sign in MSN. There are some website provide this kind of services such as Ebuddy.com. But, I don't very like it because of it's interface. I found another better website. It is ILoveIM.com Web Messenger and Meebo.com.

ILoveIM.com's interface is more user friendly. Other than that, it also connected with Yahoo, AOL and Gtalk messengers. If you have experience same problem like me, you can try it out.

Jul 15, 2008

伍家辉 - 虽然我愿意







虽然被放弃 虽然我愿意


心碎人孤寂 虽然我愿意







Jul 13, 2008

8TV Summer Live Concert 2008 (ticket)

8TV Summer Live Concert 2008 will be held on 23 August at MITC, Malacca... Yesterday, my friends and I went to Mahkota Parade to get the tickets... I reached there almost 1pm, so many people were queue up there already... We have to stand there until 3.30pm... =_=
One people only can get 2 tickets... We get the furthest one (Rock Zone B)... =_=

Jul 3, 2008

End of Holiday


大学第一个长假就快要结束了,下个星期开学啦!!! 整个假期好像很无聊,时常呆在家,好像个宅男。星期六要搭巴士回马六甲了,带着我新手提电脑回去作战,应该不会再被偷了。 这个新学期搬了出去住,还有很多东西还没收拾好,连床都还没买,准备睡地上吧。(>.<)"


哇!4点了,关电脑上床睡了。外面还下着雨,很好睡。下午再见... :p