Jul 13, 2008

8TV Summer Live Concert 2008 (ticket)

8TV Summer Live Concert 2008 will be held on 23 August at MITC, Malacca... Yesterday, my friends and I went to Mahkota Parade to get the tickets... I reached there almost 1pm, so many people were queue up there already... We have to stand there until 3.30pm... =_=
One people only can get 2 tickets... We get the furthest one (Rock Zone B)... =_=


Akira 思胜 said...

Walau eh, u got tickets to there oh... envy neh... ^^

Bell's said...

reali the furthest wor...

last year @ ipoh i oso din go ler...dunno this year will go anot ler..:P

HuiHui said...

u from melaka 1 ar?
then u will go lo!~

really quite far!~

nvm lar!~
jz enjoy urself.