Dec 21, 2010

Badminton Live in Stadium

Since the day I started to play badminton, I would like to watch a badminton game live in the stadium. Last Sunday, I got the chance. Thanks to my sister who accompanied me. It was a man single final between World Number One Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Haifz Hashim in Perak Open. The ticket was sold out, I thought can't enter the stadium, but I saw many people walk in without ticket. So we just walk in. The stadium was full, we stand aside to watch the game.
Datuk Lee beat Hafiz in two straight game 21-15 21-13. While waiting to  receive the prize on the podium, there was many people want to take photo with Datuk Lee.
Then he have an interview with the press media, and left the stadium with BMW X6.

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That was a great exp.....really excited when u watch a badminton games....