Oct 31, 2010

Nokia N8 Owning

Once salary was paid, I asked my dad to bring me to buy Nokia N8. This is my highest spending ever now. Along with the box, there are HDMI adapter, USB On-The-Go adapter, micro-USB data cable, battery charger, headset. 
What is so awesome about N8? N8 built with better screen now, 3.5" AMOLED gorilla glass. N8 has built-in FM transmitter, you can listen your music in your car. You can connect N8 to your TV via HDMI cable. You can just transfer your data by plug in USB thumb drive via adapter. Nokia have its own free GPS, Ovi Maps, free to navigate. Its 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics make it won Best Camera Phone. See the example here. It can take picture with panorama mode.
There are thousand of videos in Youtube all about Nokia N8.
It's not technology, it's what you do with it!


BSCH said...

Not to forget the amoled screen :D I luvin it :D

Annie said...

The video shows that it's a bit lag. Is it ok ah?
So you subscribe data plan? which Telco?

Og@wa said...

[BSCH] like the screen too, it with gorilla glass
[Annie] with new OS, it won't lag like past. I din subscribe data plan, it's better to buy ipohne4 with data plan

Bell's said...

wow...how much is this?

Og@wa said...

I bought with RM1640 ori