Sep 17, 2010

Domino's Pizza landed in Ipoh

Domino's Pizza just opened in Ipoh (Medan Ipoh) recently and I had my first taste of it. After I wake up from bed, feels lazy to went out for lunch, then just went to its website and register to order. It promised reach within 30 minutes and they do. I can track my order with their GPS tracker. For me, it quite expensive, 1 regular cost me RM26.80 for half-half toppings. I'm still hungry after sharing it with my brother. :p
I seldom eat pizza and don't know what is the best. It is much more thinner than the Pizza Hut.


Mr Noble said...

i thought Domino's Pizza is much cheaper than pizza hut :D

MuJE said...

really? wow! good news! ...hehe

Bell's said...

huh? how come urs so expensive 1? me last time 6 ppl eat, order the set for 6, cost rm60, include 3 pizzas, 10 saches of milo, onion rings, chic rod wor

Og@wa said...

not sure, mayb I ordered is half&half.
but now new open, got offer, quite cheap... haha