Jun 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Fever is On

World Cup 2010 opening ceremony will be start at 9pm today. The fever will be continued for 1 month.
Still remember that World Cup 1998, I'm studied Standard 6, I had done a portfolio for WC. That time I still a beginner in football. My life involved football after knew who was David Beckham.

World Cup 2002, Form 4, my secondary school allowed us to watch matches in the hall. In the afternoon, we spent time to watch WC while waiting for tuition class.

World Cup 2006, my first year in University at Malacca. I still remember that when the WC Final, I'm in the hostel, planned to went out watch the game but I'm not.  Because of still didn't had kaki yet. Just heard the noise from mamak stall nearby.

World Cup 2010, my final year of my University life, will join the society soon. WC Final confirm that will not watch at Malacca!


Bell's said...

huh? worldcup 2006 u in 1st year oredi?
but as I remember...i still working at genting cheating those uncle to bet on which team wor..so many football matches?? opps...im not football fans so...?????

r u older den me? how come?!!

Og@wa said...

We moved in university on July 2006 1 ma

olecup said...

good sharing :) more fever tips found on this fav team at http://bit.ly/9H5b9D