May 12, 2010

Thomas Cup heat

What sport is popular now? It is definitely badminton. Thomas Cup & Uber Cup is playing now in KL.

In every restaurants, TV shows the badminton games. I had spent my time for few hours in restaurant after having dinner to watch this hot event. The time taken much more than watch a football game. :p

For people who subscribe Astro, they can watch through the channel 801 for Thomas Cup. In addition, M'sia RTM1 has live boardcasting. For people who don't have TV, they can watch through online streaming.

To watch online streaming: here
To see the livescore: here
Time schedule: here

Yesterday, M'sia team was disappointing me after lose the game to Japan 2-3. Today, same thing happen like yesterday. M'sia win the first two games by Datuk Lee and Kean Keat/Boon Heong. After that, Choong Han and second double lose to Denmark make the score 2-2. Last game is played to decide the winner. Fortunately, Hafiz win the last point for M'sia to qualified into semi-final versus China. Hopefully, M'sia can do well in semi-final!


kenwooi said...

malaysia boleh! =D

oktant said...

Hopefully our team could beat China in semis. :)

Jong said...

I do hope so but i doubt that we can

Glo-w~* said...

malaysia BOLEH!

Vincent said...

What about those without ASTRO, TV, and internet? How are they gonna watch the game?

Moreover I think better don't watch because you will be vomitting blood if watch because base on the previous performances, I sincerely think only Koo-Tan stand a chance to win and the rest - BALIK KAMPUNG especially Zakry, Fairuzizuan, Ong Soon Hock, Hoon Thien how, Hafiz 'HABIS' Hashim and Wong Choong Han don't stand any chance of winning at all!

Our Datuk Lee will beat Lin Dan? Maybe if Lin Dan is playing with his right hand!

Og@wa said...

They can watch at mamak :p

M'sia can only grab a point from China by Datuk Lee & Koo-Tan... China can simply give M'sia 3-0

SonnyKazu said...

Malaysia memang boleh? :D

They must be nervous when facing China d... >.<

宿影 said...

wah..many of my friends watch it but i din watch it..:p