Mar 24, 2010

1 month Left for My University Life

My University life will come to an end next month after the last paper of final year final semester on 23rd April. I had been at Melaka almost 3 and half years.

Recently still busying with my thesis and the final year project which having some problem now. I have to overcome it before the presentation of Seminar II. Hope it can be done at the end of this month, but I think the possibility is low. Headache!

I'm seeking for a job opportunity also. I'll be back Ipoh for an interview at Unisem on this Thursday. Actually the job position not I really want, just want to have a try. Hope that I can do well in the interview.

Besides that, I have planning to go Pulau Redang for my graduation vacation trip. I'm in charge the trip and hope it can be success. Now waiting the confirmation from my friends before booking the resort.

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Kin Hwa said...

Fail or not fail...
Try your best is enough.
That what I can say and I am following this perception.