Nov 12, 2009


12 Nov - My 23rd birthday. ^.^

Remember last year birthday was on the exam day...
This year also nothing different,
have to prepare for the final exam for last day (2 papers 1 day)
Why my birthday always on the Exam period?
From primary school > secondary school > Form 6 > Uni :p

Actually birthday is nothing special
Just is a day which the age plus 1...
should celebrate with mom, because she bring me to this world on this day

The only difference is the appear of the Facebook
nowadays everyone has their own Facebook account
mostly received greeting on Facebook...

Don't know is Facebook's influence or
my thinking is changed or
the effect of LI (internship)
I become lazy and lazy
not much care about my study

Lastly, I wish everyone remains healthy...
Hope my wishes become reality...
Hopefully the scenes of 2012 don't happen forever :p

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yvonnewmy said...

Happy belated birthday...