Nov 23, 2008

World Chinwoo Carnival 2008

Yesterday, I went to Stadium Indera Mulia to watched the open ceremony of World Chinwoo Carnival 2008 (
第十届世界精武武术文化大会) with my family. The participants came from the countries like Japan, Thailand, USA, United Kingdom, China and others. There were some shows like wushu, taichi, silat, india wushu, cultural dance, lion dance and others.

TaiChi - My brother is one of the presenters (blue shirt).

Malaysia's Record Longest Dragon Dance


Tekkaus said...

Wow! Cool, you bro is actually in it. =)

烧翼 said...

haha..ur word 空虚 reminds me of a post i wrote long long time ago. wahhaha...