Oct 13, 2008


This following weeks very busy because this semester will end soon. This week has 3 tests and 1 presentation. Next week, my robot presentation. Beside prepare for the test, I have to do my line following robot and its report also. My final exam time table just release today. I have 2 weeks to prepare.

Recently, I watching
少年四大名捕, 不良笑花. I also have listening a lot of songs. Jay Chou's new album - 魔杰座, Justin's new album - 阿田. All this music accompany me everyday.

林俊傑/蔡卓妍 - 小酒窝

谢安琪 - 喜帖街


Akira 思胜 said...

I love Jay! Way to go!

Ellie_pi said...

GANBATTE on your new semester...

keep posting...okay?

kang yong said...

your robotic line using 8051 or 8052? I just done my project with 8052 too!