Jun 27, 2009

Stop Working

Finally I had finish my last day at SNS Network after training and working almost 7 months there. I can relax now, can wake up late. Prepare to back to university to continue my last year of my degree on next Wednesday. Thanks to all my colleagues who help me during the time I at SNS. I had learn many things in the company like technical skills and soft skills as well. I had met with different kinds of people in the company. This will give me more experience in the future after I graduate and join in the working society. Nothing much to tell here, wish all my colleagues good luck and happy.

Jun 10, 2009


This is my 100th post. Since last year February until now is a long period. Happy that I still got blogging. What make me continue to post, I don't know.

Here I want to tell that actually I am holding half of a Guinness World Record. What is the record? Click here. I have the most fingers in the world. haha. That's why my blog website is http://fingers12.blogspot.com/.

Jun 1, 2009

Nice Songs

卢学叡 - 可不可以爱我

农夫 - 话太普通

By2 - 我知道

陈绮贞 - 距离