Oct 7, 2015

Get Rewarded Simply by Sharing Content

Do you know you can get rewarded simply by sharing awesome content to your social network? You can redeem money or gift when you have enough points. It is so easy!!!

Click HERE to see more details.

How it works? Watch the video below.

mygravytrain is a click-and-share platform, which rewards members for sharing branded content they like through their social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In return, members can earn points to redeem for cash and awesome gifts.

Oct 2, 2015

Turn Off Auto-play Videos in Facebook

Did you saw your Facebook timeline changes recently? The video will be play automatically. Are you frustrating because of this?

Just a few clicks to turn it off. Go to the settings > videos > auto-play videos.

Same thing goes to your Facebook on mobile. The video will be play automatically by default, this will consume your data heavily. Go to App settings and select the option to be on or off or Wi-Fi only.