Aug 31, 2010

Happy 53rd Anniversary to Malaysia

Recently saw many news about the racism issue. Hope all races can live peace together!!!





























Aug 23, 2010

Meeting with Top Management

Today had a meeting with the top management guys like vice president and GMs to introduce ourselves. We were told about our background and the project which taken currently. Then they share with us on their opinions toward our job fields.

What I noticed was their English were very good. Can't compare with my level. haha. To be a top management in the future, I need to improve my English as well. 

One of the GM share about her opinion in her career, I think it was quite true. The University and working environment were totally different. What we learned in school mostly can't apply into the job, but the methodology is the same. Mind-set is very important. We need to set higher goal to strike. If we know that the goal can be achieve, then we'll have no passion or motivation to work on it. If the goal is higher, we'll try our best to get closer toward it. When we solve a problem or complete a project, the satisfaction is what we like. It really can make us to move forward.

Another GM also share his opinion. He said we have to be a sponge and try whatever ways to absorb as mush as possible. He also said that in University, we just have to get over 80% for an A, but we might get 99.9% to get A in industry. That's the difference. I hope my project can be finish well, don't disappoint my manager and my mentor.

Aug 17, 2010

Under Stress

Recently, I just entered Test Development Center and given a project. The project was handle by me alone but guided by my colleagues. The project was already delayed almost 1 month before passed to me. Manager passed it to me and want me finish it as soon as possible. The tasks which need 2 weeks actually, I just done all in 4 days. So rush. I prefer the proper way to learn, not learning under the stress. 

The manager just want to know about the result. He always want to see his men concentrate to their work. Work and work. He always come to my place and ask what I'm doing. I very scare to see him approaching me. Haha. He also ask me: "Do you think customer will happy?". The only answer is No! haiz... And don't know is my English poor or what, I'm getting difficulty to listen what my manager speaking. He is a Singh, may be his thick beard block his voice. LoL...

I think he forget that I'm just a newbie. The job really need much electronics knowledge and also C++ programming. He thought I'm expert in programming but I just a beginner. Many books have to refer back to catch up to complete my project.

I hope that all the tasks can be done according to the milestone plan. Try my best!

Aug 10, 2010

My Convocation

Last Sunday was my convocation, I applied leave then went back to UTeM earlier to take my robe and others. I met with my friends who didn't met few months ago. All were in happy mode. Due to the accreditation problem, few of them might can't graduate with us, but the problem was settle before the convocation. Congrats to them. Few of us were accompany family and some only went back on the convocation day, thus we didn't had a gathering as well.
In this convocation, I spent a lot of my first month salary such as accommodation, photo fee, convo fee and the others. Now, I have to spend my money wisely for this month. HaHa...
I'm officially graduated!
Hope all my friends have a bright future!!! Keep in touch...